What can I say......

Tuesday 04 October, 2016

Absolutely the BEST shopping experience I have had! I was looking for a dress for a wedding and walked out with 2! No pressure selling just absolutely the best customer service I have had! I hate shopping for clothes because of my size but I felt like a size 8 standing there getting fitted for my dresses! Nothing was a problem. my size, my embarrassment, my "bad" bra and knickers..nothing! Loved it, will go back every time I want something, well anything! Please believe me, if you are unsure, don't be! Walk in the door and you will feel really special, and the clothes were divine! Thank you for making me feel special, and thank you for making my husband go WOW when he saw me in my dress! Jo
Testimonial By: Jo Burge — LARA, VIC, Australia