Plus Size Workwear

What is the perfect plus size workwear? Well it depends on what you do for a job! If you work in an office, the most likely answer would be a professional plus size blazer or jacket matched with some pants or a skirt in the same colour fabric. If you work in the city chic tops and dresses that you can interchange are a must!

Finding a women’s plus size suit is the ideal scenario as the colours and style will match. You can then mix and match with a variety of plus size tops or plus size shirts and shoes or boots and accessories. If you work in a more casual environment, you can generally wear some nice black pants and a nice top. Don’t be afraid to show your personality when wearing plus size work clothes. We are generally more happy at work if we are able to maintain some semblance of our individuality, so as long as you aren’t completely dressed down or breaking company policy, you should be open to experimenting with your plus size fashion at work.

If you are a teacher or look after people and don’t have to wear a uniform, you might want to consider getting a few reliable and comfortable pairs of plus size work trousers that you can mix and match with some chic plus size tops, but if you are able to really take the bull by the horns, you might choose to choose to wear a variety of plus size work dresses designed to flatter a fuller figure but also offer comfort and appropriate necklines.