Plus Size Clothing Australia

Plus Size Clothing Australia

Work Rest And Play Plus Sized Clothing is a leader in the plus size fashion industry and offers one of the best ranges of plus size clothing in Australia.

How Has The Plus Size Clothing Industry Changed in Australia?

People often ask why we started this plus size clothing business. The answer is simple. The plus size clothing options in Australia were terrible when I was growing up in the 90's. I didn't get to go to my high school formal because I didn't have a pretty dress to wear like everyone else. The options were bleak, unless you were older and didn't care about wearing clothes that flattered your shape, or you were handy on a sewing machine.

When I met my partner (future husband) and moved to the UK in 2005, the options were much more plentiful. I finally discovered all the gorgeous plus size clothing styles that suited my shape and personality that were severely lacking in Australia. I was elated! Set free!

When we moved back to Australia at the end of 2006 after travelling the world, and woefully fell back into the same plus size fashion rut, we decided that something needed to be done to improve the state of plus size clothing in Australia, particularly for those above a size 26.

None of the plus size designers shipped to Australia back in 2007, and there were virtually no other online plus size clothing stores around, so we jumped at the chance to import some of the best plus size clothing from around the world. We sourced a variety of wholesale suppliers from countries far and wide, and as our business grew, our range of designers grew with us.

Plus Size Clothing AustraliaAfter launching our website at the start of 2008 and being gratefully received by our customers, the online world began to change and other stores entered the online market. Eventually almost every international business had an online presence, so within two years of launching, we decided to adapt and open a shop as well, so that people could come in and touch and feel and try the clothing on.

This multi-channel business structure has been fantastic for us as we get to meet our customers, hear their stories and learn from their experiences. I have become an excellent plus size clothing stylist through working with thousands of women over the better part of 10 years to find flattering options that make them look and feel great.

Our business model is not exactly like everyone else's. We do things a bit differently to give our customers the best options in the world. We listen to what our customers want, and we adapt as required. And we take pride in being one of the leading plus size clothing businesses in Australia.

Sharona Radovsky

Director of Work Rest And Play Plus Sized Clothing