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Plus Size Petticoats

Plus Size Petticoats are the perfect accompaniment to the plus size vintage style swing dress to create a gorgeous shape for your next event. If you like to rock n roll dance, or if you just want to replicate the look of the 50’s screen sirens in a flared a-line dress, then get yourself a petticoat in a colour and length to match your vintage dress or skirt. The petticoats come in a variety of colours and lengths. If you’re not sure what length to buy, check the product description on the vintage dress listing for advice on whether to get a 26 inch, 28 inch, or 30 inch. The most popular colour of plus size petticoat is black, but often a pop of colour from a petticoat that matches or compliments the dress is the way to go when you’re dancing up a storm, or posing for pretty pictures.

With the ever increasing popularity of the Vintage style all around the world, you will definitely get wear out of your plus size petticoat if you love this look!