Plus Size Tops

Search by size for womens plus size tops that look good and feel great - Sizes 12-36!

There are many different styles of plus size tops that are flattering for a curvy lady. Most of our customers like tops that are a little longer in the front as they can hide a multitude of sins, though other  customers like a shorter length plus size top which is versatile for wearing with a skirt. Both of these styles are handy to have in the wardrobe so that you can dress for your mood. If you also incorporate different colours of plus size tops, then you can mix and match with different accessories to create a colourful look that you will love! It’s also important if you wear larger size tops, to find styles that show off your shape nicely. Finding a bigger top that fits properly is important. Not too big, and not too small! It has to look good to you so that you can walk with your head held high!  

If you’re like most plus size women, sleeves are a must as they allow the plus size lady to be freer in her movements without consideration of her arms. Though there are also many confident curvaceous ladies who love a good sleeveless plus size top, and don’t know what all the fuss is about with sleeves! But each to their own! If you have a few sleeveless plus size tops or some cute plus size cami’s, and you want to wear them out without showing your arms, just throw on a bolero, cardigan, or jacket, to create a lovely layered look that gives you freedom.