Plus Size Shapewear

Plus size shapewear will smooth your shape underneath an evening dress, or special occasion dress. Shapewear comes in  a variety of different cuts and colours, and is designed for bigger women as well as smaller women.

Your size doesn’t matter when deciding whether to wear shapewear. What matters is that you want to look your best in that dress, and smooth out lumps, bumps, lines, and curves. Shapewear can slenderise and change your shape slightly but no matter what the late night infomercials say, it can’t miraculously make you lose multiple dress sizes. Good plus size shapewear will have you feeling sexy by smoothing your curves, minimising your tummy and waistline, and won’t roll down or up. It also won’t cut off your circulation if you have the right size, but also shouldn’t be too loose. We stock plus size shapewear up to a size 32, so if you have a special occasion that calls for a dress, then make sure you have some designer plus size shapewear on!