Plus Size Activewear And Gym Wear  

Just because you’re a curvy gal, doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate getting out and about for a walk! Never underestimate the bigger ladies when it comes to exercise.

We all have our favourite method, whether it’s a walk by the beach, a trip to the gym, swimming or water aerobics, a yoga class or a dance video. Any size woman can get active even if it’s just within your own home! Getting active feels good. Our natural serotonin kicks in when we exercise making us feel good. So when you’re ready to sweat for health, fun, or just to get out in the sun, a work out wardrobe is essential. You may just want to wear a t-shirt and pants to work out in. Or if you like getting active in the water, you might want a pair of plus size bathers that supports you in your workout.  If you like yoga, you can try our plus size yoga pants, or if you want to work out at the gym, you will need a few pairs of plus size tracksuit pants or plus size leggings, and some larger sized tops to get you through.  Our range of plus bottoms and plus size tops are perfect when you’re looking for plus size active wear in sizes 12-36.